About Bobby

Bobby Gadda is a bicycle activist who lives and works in Los Angeles. He co-founded and is board president of CicLAvia, L.A.’s premiere car-free happening that started in Bogotá, Colombia, over 30 years ago. Bobby volunteers at the Bicycle Kitchen community bike project and works at the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition (LACBC)  bike valet program.  He also co-founded and coordinates the Bici Libre Bike Co-op.   Bobby is passionate about car-free living and believes that bicycles are a very practical and fun way to get around! Bobby lives at eco-village and is trained in facilitation and consensus decision making processes. Bobby is available for speaking engagements and consultation on bike/art/public space projects.  He can also teach bee-keeping or banjo playing. Plus, he can also assist with tall bike building.

Zev Yarovslavsky's blog - "Goodbye, car. Hello, CicLAvia"
LA Downtown News - Taking it to the Streets with CicLAvia
Cascade Bicycle Club Blog - "Tall Bike Bobby"

Appearances and Presentations:
Feb 26 2009 LA Street Summit: "A Ciclovia in LA?" with Adonia Lugo
2010 Street Summit "CicLAvia coming to LA"
6/23/11 Bike!Bike! International Bike Collective Conference in San Marcos, TX. "Recruiting Volunteers", "Working in under-priveleged communities"
10/29/11  Los Angeles Green Festival: "Bike, bike, bike in LA"
9/5/11 Hacia Ciudades Libres de Autos - Towards Carfree Cities Conference in Guadalajara, Mexico. "Bicycle Cooperative Workshop", "CicLAvia"
10/11 Ciclovia conference in Medellin, Colombia
4/12 American Planning Association led workshop on bike co-ops
6/23/12 Bike!Bike! International Bike Collective Conference in Vancouver, BC.


  1. Hey Bobby!

    This is Darren Alff from www.bicycletouringpro.com. I just watched your TEDx presentation. Very good! Hopefully it will inspire some people to conduct a bicycle tour of their own.

    What are you up to now? I've got big plans for 2014. I'll be cycling across 14 countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

    Just wanted to send a message and say hello!